Kasi Crews

This is the place to go for all of your farming and pet needs! Their prices are the best and the customer service is hands down the best around! We love them!

Joseph Canada

Excellent place to pick up gravel of various sizes. A friendly family business with wonderful customer service!

Michael Jones

The people at this store are super friendly and helpful. They have just what I am looking for, more often than not, which saves the drive into Commerce or Athens most of the time, which is convenient. Their prices also tend to be on par with the big box retailers, so you're not over paying for the convenience.

Laura Weekley

The owner helped is with deciding on the fence for our horses and recommended a great fence builder. We could not be more pleased. It's a beautiful store and owner pride is evident every where you look. I also purchased the ONLY quality seed spreader to pull behind a our ATV around for the same price that junk was for sale every where else.

Barry Hayes

I drive a little further to Midway because they always have a good selection and whatever I'm looking for and the service is excellent.

Rebecca Hollinsgworth

10+ Love their store but not much on dog foods or rabbit foods

Karen Pawley

Midway has everything you could need for your livestock or Farm! They always greet you with a smile and are eager to help solve even the most fear of problems, whether it be with fencer, equipment, or fodder.  

Need boots? They've got them! The tack, Reigns, Saddles, bits, even English stirrup leathers? They've got them! Need a random piece of Hardware to fix a piece of equipment? They most likely have it! Need 27 different options to meet your fencing needs? They've got that too! Just want to stop, jabber a bit, pick their brains about the best way to go about something, and have a cold soda? That's the place to do it! :-)

Mike Moak

So much good stuff!!  what a great community resource.  99% of the time they have what I need for my projects. If they don't have exactly what I need I can usually modify parts to make a working fix. Very helpful staff. Here is my luv for Midway - 5 stars!

Mark Johnson

Family owned and run, this place is wonderful!  Whatever you may need for your barn, farm or house..they've got it!